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The Finlen, iconic & historic hotel, graces East Broadway Street in Uptown Butte, Montana.

We attended the Montana Folk Festival this past weekend! A crush of people, lots of food booths,

& of course, incredible performances by a world of musicians attracted thousands of festival goers this year.

 We took a chance to camp in a city park with tenters, fellow RV’ers, & folks just laid out in bags on the grass!

Within walking distance to the festival, we hoped that it would be quiet at night. Har, har, not to be! Between the sound

of giant dump trucks across the way taking mined ore to & fro, to hipsters who wanted to continue

the concerts into the wee hours of the morning, we got precious little sleep. A rich adventure for sure

but worth it to see & hear Lurrie Bell play Chicago Blues, the Mariachi Reynas de Los Angeles, all-women band,

Yves Lambert Trio playing Quebecois, to mention a few. We strolled First Peoples’ Marketplace to visit with friends &

ended up coming home with treasures from Dg House, Ron Yazzie, & Troy DeRoche.

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