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My real name is Cindy Owings and PetuniaGirl is the place where I share musings about my own Montana country life as well as the work of fellow artisans who create unique art, craft, food, and gatherings.

Now a little about myself…for 23 years I ran a design and manufacturing business in Bozeman, Montana creating whimsical wool coats and home accessories that were featured in such places as Nordstrom’s, Bonwit Teller, Sundance Catalog, Whispering Pines Catalog, The Cosby Show, and small boutiques across the US. Upon my retirement, I moved west from Bozeman to live in the spectacularly beautiful Madison Valley where the vistas are framed by the Madison and Tobacco Root mountain ranges, sweeping cattle ranches, and ever-changing skies. I have devoted time to growing some of our own food in outside gardens as well as a greenhouse where abundance is seven kinds of garlic, sugar pie pumpkins, Cherokee Purple tomatoes, and my longtime favorite, Jimmy Nardello sweet peppers, all heirloom varieties.

I explore my own creativity through foreign and domestic travel, knitting/crocheting, sewing, cooking, writing, and photography. Playing with ideas for new ways to flavor homemade tomato sauce or exploring ways to combine lovely handmade fabrics into home accessories to spending time in the beautiful backcountry of Montana on lakes and in old-growth forests, I bring my observations to share with PetuniaGirl readers.

It is my hope that you will find this menagerie of experiences I call “the thread of life” as colorful and engrossing as I do. The last flower to droop from frost in a Montana garden is the petunia! Not only are these flowers filled with pink, white, crimson, and purple cheer, they are hearty in the face of drastic seasonal changes. Come along with me to see what’s out there in the world of food, places, people, and happenings.

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