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In August, 2017, a group of dedicated international folks worked together for several days in a workshop to decorate their own Crow or Pigeon led by British textile taxidermist, Donya Coward! The workshop was held at the lovely Chateau Dumas in Auty, France north of Toulouse.

Over seven days the group worked to complete their birds all the while visiting and sharing snippets from their lives. With each stitch it became clear that some wanted to continue the community of creativity. How? Ever the lover of the American West and my home in Montana, I suggested stitching below the Madison Range beside the Madison River. Someone chimed in to suggest, “Oh, we could do a Jack Rabbit in Montana!” And, off it went… We started chatting about how to make such an event happen.

In September, I investigated the possibility of holding a workshop in Ennis, Montana close to where I live. We are near Yellowstone Park and one footfall from the banks of the world-renowned Madison River where fly fishermen and women test their prowess on pristine, sparkling waters. The Madison River Valley is home to 2000-3000 elk, coyotes, deer, moose, grizzly bears, and is the north-south flyway for waterfowl.

Low and behold, such a gathering is going to happen! Check it out here: http://www.petuniagirl.com/hare-raising-workshop-with-donya-coward/


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