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No better time to re-visit PetuniaGirl than on a beautiful April morning,

The sun whispers on the soft green emerging everywhere,

Yesterday I spotted a Mountain Blue Bird sitting on a log fence,

She wasn’t even shivering in the brisk wind.

Happy Spring, readers! I am glad to be back.

LaVonne's little black lamb

Nothing says Spring like lambs. Meet Blackie, who just

birthed this completely black beauty. My friend LaVonne

of Serenity Sheep Farm Stay raises sheep that give the most

luxurious wool! I love/hate using her sheep wool

to stuff Flouncy, Wooly, and Leafy.

Every time I stuff the bears I hold the wool to my face.

The texture and aroma suggest spinning rather than stuffing.

writing corner 2

I have spent the past twelve months sitting at this writing spot.

Doors closed, phone off.

My companions: piles of notes, two tiny books filled to the brim

with helpful facts for checking on this and that, a Hopi Mouse Rattle,

8-year old Estrella’s retablo (she must be in her 30’s now), and a

friend’s handbuilt clay pot. I have been working on the story

of my 23-year long coat business. What a journey,

both the story and the writing of the story. I hope to share more

in the near future.

Butterfly hat

A postcard I cherish from the Alexander McQueen show in London

last spring. The butterflies are hand-painted turkey feathers!

Inspiring on so many levels!

Happy Spring!

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