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Drogo Castle Garden, beautifully designed anchored by four sheltering ancient grape arbors. We were only able to see the garden as the castle is completely covered for renovation. According to locals the castle has always leaked! The garden was so special that it made up for seeing the huge castle wrapped like present for a giant.

 On to Chagford, a little town filled with artists, roadside bakers & thatched roof houses. We shopped out of poring rain in a hardware store, a rabbit warren of every item under the sun. I got a rain hat that has not left my head since! We ate in a tiny cafe called Whiddon’s Eatery, extraordinary food made by the two owners, Charles & Andrew. Named for Mary Whiddon who was killed outside of the church following her wedding by a disappointed suitor.
We found Ruth’s cakes whilst (do I sound a tad British?) walking to find the Jubile Hall Market. Deborah bought a lemon sponge cake that we had with tea that evening.

        Looking out to the distant moors of Dartmoor Park. We hope to walk on the moors soon! Has to be a little warmer & sun would help. More to come…

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